Day 6 Highlights — 2012 London Olympics

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“Five straight Olympic games—now five different Americans have won it [200 meter backstroke].”

-Dan Hicks on U.S. 200 meter backstroke legacy

“And this may take a little to sink in. Tyler Clary’s first Olympic medal is gold in the men’s 200 meter back.”

-Dan Hicks on Tyler Clary’s first Olympic gold

Ryan Lochte and Bob Costas

“I’m definitely not done.”

–Ryan Lochte on his future in competitive swimming

“This is the first time since I was about 12 years old that I could celebrate my birthday and not swim. My family’s here and I’m excited to just hang out with them.”

–Ryan Lochte on celebrating his birthday tomorrow, August 3rd, in London

Men’s 200 IM finals

“It’s the final meeting of Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps.”

-Dan Hicks on the future competition between Phelps and Lochte

“Not an empty seat at the aquatic center right now. More than 17,000 jam packed in here to watch Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps in the finals of the 200 Individual Medley.”

–Dan Hicks on the Men’s 200 IM finals

“He [Michael Phelps] was like Superman coming out of the phone booth.”

–Dan Hicks on Phelps’ quick change between his 200 IM gold medal ceremony and 100 m butterfly qualifying heat

Women’s 200 Meter Breaststroke

“This is the six world record here at the aquatic center, two of them Soni, who is the first woman to ever win back-to-back golds in this event.”

-Dan Hicks on another world record for Rebecca Soni

“And there you go, so Rebecca Soni becomes the first Beijing gold medalist in an individual swimming event to repeat as champion in London and she did it by smashing her own world mark.”

-Bob Costas on Rebecca Soni

Women’s Rowing

“We did it together. Before the race, I told Mary, ‘You’re my brain and I’m your body, and we are all Mary’s body,’ and she says ‘what a great body.’”

-Caroline Lin on their win

Men’s Indoor Volleyball

U.S.A vs. Brazil

“The United States and Brazil, a rematch for the Gold medal in 2008, and right now it looks like the result is going to be exactly the same.”

-Kevin Barnett on the U.S.-Brazil rematch for the Gold

“This is the best volleyball the U.S. has played since four years ago in Beijing.”

-Kevin Barnett on Team USA’s men’s volleyball team

Women’s Gymnastics Individual All-Around Final

“This is one of the most-anticipated days in the Olympics – when one woman stands above everyone else.”

-Al Trautwig on the women’s gymnastics individual all-around final

“You have no clue, just that feeling that you get when you walk into that arena.”

-Carly Patterson on competing in women’s all-around final

“That was spectacular under the absolute glare of Olympic pressure.”

-Al Trautwig on Gabby Douglas’ performance on the beam

“We often talk about the unique nature of Olympic competition—how it’s once every four years and for many, once in a lifetime. Well, the pressure cooker of Olympic gymnastics just about boils over. Many Olympians come back two or three times; a few even more than that. But the last three U.S. women’s gymnastics teams have all been comprised entirely of Olympic rookies. The way the sport has evolved and the demands it places on the body likely means that this will be their only Olympics; their only chance to be at their best when it matters most.”

-Bob Costas on Women’s Olympic Gymnastics


Men’s Basketball

U.S.A vs. Nigeria

“David Robinson, LeBron James, and Carmelo Anthony, the only three men to play for three U.S.A Olympic Basketball teams. And it was the Bronze medal in Athens that has fueled this Redeem Team, now in London not wanting to be a one-hit wonder. They want to be like the Beatles and crank out a few hits over and over and over.”

-Bob Fitzgerald on Team USA

“There’s the record! Since 1936 when Team USA started playing Men’s Basketball in the Olympics no one has scored more than Carmelo Anthony with 34 in one game!”

-Bob Fitzgerald on Carmelo Anthony’s breaking Stephon Marbury’s U.S.A Olympic record

“I think the U.S. record for threes as a team was 13, Carmelo has 10 by himself. The three point record has been obliterated tonight.”

-Bob Fitzgerald on Team USA

“And there it is! 139: the highest scoring game in Olympic history. Started in Berlin in 1936, no team has ever hit 139! Come to the basketball arena today, you saw two one-point games and you saw history.”

-Bob Fitzgerald on Team USA

“This may be the best shooting performance in basketball history.”

-Doc Rivers on the U.S.A Nigeria game

Day 6 Highlights — 2012 London Olympics