NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations

Nonstop Digital Channels, New Round-The-Clock Local News And Information Channels, to Launch in May in California, Dallas & Miami

Each Nonstop Channel to Feature Daily New Live Local Nightly Newscast

WTVJ in Miami Also Adds New Hour-Long 5 PM Newscast on Main Broadcast Channel

New News Coverage Honors Commitment To Produce 1,000 Hours Per Year Of Additional News And Information Programming Made In Connection With The Acquisition Of NBCUniversal By Comcast

New York, NY – Monday, May 2 – NBC Local Media today announced major programming changes that dramatically increase local news coverage across key owned-and-operated (O&O) stations in Dallas, Miami and California. The additional programming, which will launch in May, is part of the commitment by Comcast and NBCUniversal at the outset of their transaction to produce an additional 1,000 hours a year of local news and information programming, a commitment that was eventually incorporated into the FCC Order approving the deal.

During the week of May 2, the local stations in those three markets will launch “Nonstop” channels, which are round-the-clock local news and information channels that air on each station’s digital multicast channel and local cable systems. This will bring to a total of nine NBC markets the availability of Nonstop programming.

The companies are also committed to having the Telemundo O&Os produce an additional 1,000 hours of news and information programming each year, and details of that initiative will be announced this summer.

Included in the launch are a wide range of news programs consistent with the Comcast and NBCUniversal commitment to enhanced local news, information and public affairs. Each Nonstop channel will feature a nightly local newscast, which will air five nights a week and be designed to complement and expand the evening coverage already provided by the news team at each station.

In the case of California’s Nonstop Channel, which combines the resources of the three local stations NBC LA (KNBC), NBC Bay Area (KNTV) and NBC San Diego (KNSD), each local station will produce and air its own newscast in its respective market.

In addition to offering additional news on its digital multicast channel, NBC’s Miami O&O (WTVJ) will extend evening coverage on its primary broadcast channel by 30 minutes, adding a new hour-long newscast airing weekdays entitled “NBC Miami News at 5 PM.” The program will replace a half-hour news program that previously aired at 7 PM. NBC’s Dallas O&O (KXAS) also recently expanded the news coverage on its primary broadcast channel, adding “NBC 5 First Weather,” a half-hour of local weather coverage airing weekdays at 4:30 am.

Additional local news programs include:

“The Rundown,” a half-hour show airing on all three new Nonstop channels spotlighting a lively blend of topics appealing to viewers in each market. The shows are presented by the various local anchor teams in an engaging, informal and creative way.

“Morning Mix,” an hour-long weekday morning news program highlighting key events and topics of interest. This program will air on both the Dallas and California Nonstop channels and feature local news coverage tailored to each market.

“These new offerings continue our ongoing effort to expand our local news and information programming in our ten O&O markets,” said John Wallace, President, NBC Local Media. “We’re happy to announce that we’ve begun to fulfill the localism commitment we made on the day we announced our transaction, we’re excited about building on our already significant contributions to local television journalism and we’re very proud to be able to deliver this important service to our viewers.”

Each Nonstop channel will also feature a mix of locally produced lifestyle and information programming geared to its respective market. These programs include:

“Scene In…,” a weekly half hour lifestyle program airing on all three Nonstop Channels. Tailored to its specific market, “Scene In…” keeps viewers updated on the latest trends and happenings in their respective cities.

“Miami Moms,” a weekly half-hour program airing on the Miami Nonstop. Hosted by anchor Pam Giganti and a panel of local moms who contribute their real-life experience and advice on motherhood, “Miami Moms” covers relevant parenting topics facing today’s modern families.

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