NBCNews.com Launches “Down the Ladder” Series

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NEW YORK – September 10, 2012 – NBCNews.com launched “Down the Ladder,” a special series on how Americans are adjusting to new circumstances after a job loss, a cut in pay, a massive health care bill, a divorce, a lost home, or a cratered retirement fund. Over the past five years, one bad financial blow – or a combination of several – has pushed many Americans out of the comforts of the middle class and into the worries of the working poor.


As part of its ongoing coverage of the nation’s sluggish economy, NBCNews.com is taking an in-depth look at factors that have pushed so many Americans down the economic ladder, including the moving personal stories of how people are faring in reduced circumstances.


The “Down the Ladder” series will include detailed profiles of Americans who are working to adjust to their new circumstances while still hanging on to some vestiges of their old, middle-class life. The series also will explore some of the big economic changes that have pushed people into this situation and offer some insight into what Americans can expect for the future.


“As we did with our award-winning TODAY.com series ‘We are the Median,’ we are relying heavily on our readers to tell us their stories and help direct our coverage,” said Martin Wolk, executive business editor for NBC News Digital. “We hope this series sheds light on one of the most disturbing features of the economic downturn the nation has wrestled with for the past five years.”


Readers can follow the series on our blog, (http://economywatch.nbcnews.com/downtheladder) via Twitter (@NBCNewsBusiness #downtheladder ) or on our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/NBCNewsBusiness). They can send their stories to senior wrtier Allison Linn, lead writer on the project, at allisonlinn@msnbc.com (subject line: Down the Ladder).


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NBCNews.com Launches “Down the Ladder” Series